The Ancient World

We are so excited to share our FIRST post! We decided to start with Ancient Egypt & Rome as a quick warm-up. Next posts we will add more details.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, nudity was not taboo. Men wore the SHENTI (a white piece of skirt). Important people wore a Shenti that would stick out in front of them (which symbolized an erection).

Woman wore the KALAS, a dress with straps. At times, women's dresses were ornamented with beads. They covered the breasts most of the time, though there were periods when fashion left them bare.

Wigs and a lot of jewels were also part of the Egyptian looks.


Ancient Rome

Men wore TOGAS in so many varieties and different meanings. It was illegal for woman to wear togas in the 2nd century BC.

Woman wore 3 pieces of clothing:

1: TUNICA INTIMA: worn beneath their stola (underwear)

2: STOLA (dress)

3: PALLA (cloak)

Note: The color purple was a very valuable and rare coating because they got it from a sea snail (Royal purple).


The videos of Amanda Hallay are so great!:


Make sure you also check out Margo's beautiful illustrations! She gives more information about their make-up & beauty rituals!

Next time we will illustrate The Middle Ages, till then!

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