Start to run

I have a confession to make, I hate sports, certainly when it's boring - like running. Since I've been aaaalways sitting on my butt for the last five years - long live the office jobs - I thought it's high time to get more excercise. I started to run!

I already tried this in the past, but never completed the schedule.. at most two run sessions a week.

But this week I completed my first 3(!) times a week running. Also special thanks to my dear hubby, he's a true sportsman. Even yesterday, when it was pouring outside, we were running - I thought I was going cuckoo.

Of course, THE Plan is do hold on for 10 weeks... let's see if I will make it. Then, I will do a dancing move or eat pancakes all day. I'll keep you posted!

See you in 9 weeks hehe.

pen, ink + digital colouring

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