Sweet thoughts

acrylic on canvas

At the start of January I'm always thinking about summer. Aah, relaxed, blue skies and a lot of sunshine. Birds are singing.

Warm weather.

Everybody is happy.

Drinking white wine on a terrace.

Festivals in every street.

Wearing slippers (NO socks)

BBQs on the rooftop

Holidays to come

Late nights turn into daylight

Sangria in every bar

More booze...

Flowers in bloom!


Sigh, sweet toughts. To complete this feeling I've added the perfect kind of music. ;)

But no, it's January. Long dark days make me moody and my energy level drops below zero. I NEED sunshiiiinee!!

Maybe that's why I'm painting more colorful lately, to compensate. This painting brings the sun straight to our living room.

My hubby and I are already planning our holiday, so many great things in prospect.

Now I just need some more patience.

p.s. the energy level increased a bit.

#painting #woman


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