How do you find inspiration?

A few months ago I've read this article - about how we get stuck and wait to get inspired. I don't know about you, but I really have that syndrome.

I always had excuses - I don't have the material, the right working space, I'm tired, I want to eat a cookie first, or call to my mother, etc. The other problem is I also get a little overinspired. Most of the time I'm thinking about all kind of drawings I want to make, and what style or medium I should use (pen, acrylic, charcoal, gouache, aquarel, photoshop,..). All those ideas are spinning in my mind. So, the problem is I can't choose and end up by doing nothing.

I also have the idea of making a masterpiece right from the start. (I've already talked about that over here.) It's like I don't have enough time, so I want to spend it well. And I disappoint myself if I make something ugly.

But the bottom line is, just START. Don't make excuses, even when you aren't 'feeling' it. Or when you have to much ideas, take the first one that pops up in your head. And don't wish to make a masterpiece, allow yourself to fail. Just enjoy it.

Now where do I get my inspiration?

- Magazines or books are very inspirational for me.

- I look at the work of other artists, their techniques or themes. Never copy of course, but they can lead you to other ideas or give you a wider view for solutions.

- But mostly I use pinterest. (this link leads you to my drawing inspiration board). All the images I found on the internet that give me drawing ideas, I'm pinning over there. I look to the board and choose one pic that I want to draw at that moment. As example I've made for you an inspiration board. At the drawing above you can see which image I have chosen. Which one do you choose? Mail your result to me and I'll post it on my blog.

- Sometimes it also helps to make a big walk in fresh air first or take a shower.

Now it's up to you, remember the most important thing is to have fun.

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